Monday, March 16, 2009

"Hamas: Zionists could not undermine Resistance"

As you read this Iranian press article, it becomes clear that the title refers to the Hamas arsenal of rockets:
Mushir al-Masry, a high-ranking official in the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas said Sunday that the Zionist regime's effort to undermine the presence and influence of the Resistance in Gaza and in world had been defeated.

"All efforts to undermine the Hamas' influences have been defeated. Many conferences were hold after Israeli invasion of Gaza, but none of them could undermine the Palestinian Resistance," al-Masry added.

He said that the Palestinian Resistance could be refreshed after the Zionist regime's invasion of the Gaza Strip.

"The Palestinian nation resistance for the first time after the past 60 years could bring more that one million Zionists under its fire," the Palestinian legislator added.
That is as clear a statement as you could wish of why the recent Gaza operation was vitally necessary and why it may not have gone far enough (and why what it did achieve may be evaporating).
Al-Masry criticized the Head of the West Bank ruling Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas saying," They tried to dominate the Gaza Strip by force in the Israeli war."

The Hamas official revealed that after Hamas victory in the Gaza war they (supporters of Abbas) got disappointed and tried to cut negotiations with Hamas.

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