Thursday, March 05, 2009

Juan goes off the tracks a bit

Juan Cole's latest includes an obituary for the two-state solution. Netanyahu and Sharon "killed it," Hamas and Islamic Jihad merely offered "some help," and one is left wondering what Yassir Arafat did--struggle in vain to save it? Juan then waxes prophetic and predicts a "fifty-years war" in the Middle East. (When you're an Informed Commenter, you just know those things.) And then fasten your seatbelts for the next paragraph:
Hillary is right and wrong. A two-state solution is no longer feasible. It was the best hope for peace, but Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon killed it, with some help from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. There will not be a positive outcome in the Mideast. We are in for a fifty-years war, which Israel is very likely to lose in the long run, and during the course of which there will be enormous violence and terrorism, including, probably, further attacks on the United States for its knee-jerk support of Israeli expansionism and aggressive total wars on Arab civilian populations.

Since, apparently, the US government is primed to let John Yoo rewrite the US constitution whenever a few bombs go off, so that freedom of speech and the press can be abolished and the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure can be revoked, the Mideast 50-years-war very likely will lead to the destruction of American democracy. The blueprint for that demolition job has long existed and steps toward it were taken under Bush.
If I'm reading this correctly, current events in the Middle East are not necessarily part of a great plot to impose a dictatorship in the United States, but there is a "blueprint" to do that, and now, darn it, it will get implemented. Is that a fair restatement of what he is saying?

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