Sunday, March 15, 2009

Supreme Leader offers supreme denial

This IRNA article is titled "Supreme Leader says Muslims never falter in spotting their true enemies"--never, that is, except for a few nasty World Arrogance plots causing Arab Sunnis to be suspicious of Persian Shi'ites, which otherwise, of course, they would never, ever do because "Muslims never falter," etc:
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Sunday that Muslims would never falter in identifying the main causes of any disagreement among themselves.

The Supreme Leader made the remark this morning in an address to heads of the three branches of government, chief of the Expediency Council, guests participating in the 22nd International Conference on Islamic Unity and ambassadors of the Islamic states in Iran as well as a large crowd of people from different walks of life on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Muslim Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the sixth Shiite Imam, Jaafar Sadeq (AS).

Referring to the ceaseless efforts of the enemies of the Islamic Ummah to sow discord among Muslims, Ayatollah Khamenei said Muslims were vigilant enough to recognize the fact that any remark targeting the Islamic unity was the voice of the hegemonic powers.

Describing the birth of the Grand Prophet of Islam as a very critical and landmark event in the history of the mankind, the Supreme Leader said at present juncture, the true responsibility of the followers of Muslim Prophet, especially those who are categorized as politicians, scientists, intellectuals and influential figures, was to try to materialize the Islamic unity and fight the elements who are trying to sow discord among Muslims.

The Supreme Leader further urged Muslim Ummah to go beyond rhetorics and take practical measures to consolidate and safeguard unity among themselves as a sign of gratitude for the birth of Muslim prophet which has benefited the whole mankind.

Saying that Muslims should stay vigilant and alert in the face of consecutive plots of enemies and expansionist powers, the Ayatollah also expressed regret that, in very rare and odd occasions, Muslims or some Muslim states get trapped and act as tools in the hands of Muslims’ enemies in advancing their objective of sowing discord among Muslims.

Pointing to the glorious victory of Muslim Ummah during 33 days of resistance against the Zionist army in Lebanon and then for 22 days in Gaza, Ayatollah Khamenei said the two cases highlighted the fact that the enemies, in a bid to reduce the impact of such victories, tried to focus on differences between Shiite and Sunni Muslims and Arab and non-Arab nations. [...]
Another example of Muslim disunity results in the odd IRIB headline "Hamas: Fatah acts evasive during talks":
A Hamas official on Sunday criticized the Fatah Movement for bringing obstacles in reconciliation talks in Cairo.

Osama Hamdan in his meeting with a delegation from the European Parliament said that the Fatah Movement was putting obstacles to the reconciliation talks in Cairo, IRIB reported from Damascus.

He expressed regret about the detention of Reistance combatants in the West Bank by the security forces of Palestinian Authority, adding, "The simultaneous detention of Reistance fighters with the begining of reconciliation talks shows the ill thoughts of the opposite side."

He said that the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbass were not serious about reconciliation talks in Palestine.

He noted that Hamas and Fatah had different ideas. "A group is martyrdom-seeking and believes in resistance to reach its right and therefore it won the battle against Israel in Gaza while the other tries to recognize the Zionist regime."

"We want to solve all differences to unite all capacities against the Zionist regime."
And just be one big Iranian-backed, martyrdom-seeking family.

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