Sunday, March 22, 2009

MJ Rosenberg's "genius post"

According to Mondoweiss, "MJ Rosenberg has a genius post about Israeli President Shimon Peres sending his New Year's greeting to Iran right on the heels of Obama's greeting to Iran." Rosenberg asks:
Did [Israel] respond with a hasty and insulting message in order to kill the effect of President Obama's? If so, it was a serious breach. If the shoe was on the other foot, Jerusalem would go ballistic.

Some reporter needs to develop a tick-tock on this one. We need to know what happened. If it was an innocent coincidence, fine. If it wasn't, it bodes ill for any US attempt to mend relations with Iran (and prevent an Iranian bomb diplomatically rather than by attempting and failing through military means).
That's an interesting display of naive faith in Obama's ability to leap Iranian intransigence in a single conciliatory bound unless he's thwarted by Israeli kryptonite. And the attitude towards Iran is totally condescending. There is no sense at all of Iran as a country with its own agenda and interests. Iran is staking quite a bit on its nuclear program. It isn't just some momentary whim that is going to evaporate at the first sign of a U.S. change in tone. Iran has defined itself for decades by its anti-Americanism and it is reaffirming it now. They aren't going to change everything they stand for any time soon. The only thing that could conceivably open the door for diplomacy to accomplish something would be a convincing demonstration of willingness to use force if it doesn't. See here also. (h/t: memeorandum)

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