Monday, July 18, 2011

Fars (Iran): "Zionists" bombed the AMIA building

Hezbollah and Iran would never do such a thing. They love Jews:
A senior Iranian lawmaker on Monday dismissed the existence of any evidence that can prove Iran's involvement in the 1994 bombing attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA), and called on Argentina to launch a probe into the role of the Zionists in the attack.

"The Argentine court should probe into the accusations raised about Zionists' involvement in the blast at the Argentinean Jewish center. It is embarrassing that baseless claims are raised against Iran, while the terrorist elements involved in this case are completely known," First Vice-Chairman of the parliament's Judicial and Legal Commission Mousa Qazanfarabadi told FNA.

He expressed the hope that the court would find out the truth after conducting the necessary investigations into the AMIA case, and said the truth is that Zionists have been involved in the explosion at the Argentine Jewish center.

Qazanfarabadi further rejected existence of any evidence proving Iran's involvement in the attack, and added, "Unfortunately, Zionists' control over legal and international channels has grown so strong that they accuse Iran for all incidents in the world."

Under intense political pressure by the US and the Israeli regime, Argentina formally accused Iran of carrying out the attack on the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that claimed the lives of 85 people and left 300 wounded.

Faced with lack of any evidence for their anti-Iranian allegations, only false and contradictory statements by Iranian dissidents seeking asylum in the West have been used by Argentine's prosecutors to level charges against Tehran. The Islamic Republic has vehemently and consistently denied any involvement in the terror bombing.

In relevant remarks last week, the Iranian foreign ministry in a statement called for the removal of all the ambiguities in the case of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish cultural center.

The statement expressed sorrow that after 17 years of the crime, the truth has not been discovered yet and the identity of perpetrators and the real elements behind the crime are still vague.

It added that the criminal act has turned into a political game and a conspiracy.

"Judiciary officials of Argentina at that time, whose illegal acts were disclosed later and were convicted by courts, accused a number of Iranian citizens and tried to cause deviation in judicial investigation and help real perpetrators escape from justice," the statement reminded.

It concluded that the Ministry is also ready to enter constructive dialogue and cooperation with the Argentinean government to find out the truth and reality in the framework of law.
What more can anybody ask?

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