Sunday, July 03, 2011

"Venezuelan Figures": "Syria will overcome the international and regional conspiracy plotted by the Zionists and Imperialism"

As Syria sinks below the horizon, the light of propaganda still shines. And we have a treat for you today: this propaganda features special Venezuelan guests!
Speaker of the Venezuelan National Assembly Fernando Soto Rojas on Friday expressed his confidence that Syria will overcome the international and regional conspiracy plotted by the Zionists and Imperialism.

In the opening speech of the solidarity forum held under the title 'Imperialism Targets Syria', Rojas hailed the role of the Syrian people in confronting the conspiracy through adherence to national unity.

For his part, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Temir Porras said that Syria is facing an international and regional conspiracy that aims at restoring imperial influence through financing terrorist groups supported by money and media.

Porras hailed the Syrian firm stance and the will of the Syrians who stood by their President, stressing that Syria is able to deal with and overcome the conspiracy.
As we also learn at SANA today, "Huge Support Rallies Continue as Thousands Take to Streets Condemning Plot Targeting Syria":
Huge support rallies all over Syrian governorates continue in support of the reform program and condemnation of the conspiracy targeting Syria.

Thousands of residents of al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside and surrounding villages took to the street on Saturday to express their support to comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad and Syria's firm principled stances condemning misleading campaigns targeting Syria's unity and stability.

The participants headed for the homeland tent which was held in one of public squares, chanting national slogans that stress their rejection of all forms of plots and malicious propaganda which some are trying to broadcast among people. [...]
They won't stand for any propaganda . . .

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