Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fars: "Official Underlines Iran's Ability to Foil Enemies' Plots"

Time for the Iranian press's greatest hit!
Secretary-General of Iran's High Council of Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijani warned of the plots hatched by the enemies to harm the younger Iranian generation, but meantime, expressed the confidence that the Iranian nation will be able to stand against and defuse all enemy plots.

"The enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran want to deceit our country's youths and teenagers through cultural invasion and propaganda campaign," Larijani said on Friday evening.

However, Larijani stressed that the Iranian nation has always thwarted enemies' hegemonic plots and conspiracies through insightfulness, awareness and vigilance.

"Western countries and enemies are not able to dominate Iran. They do not have the ability to do so," Larijani underscored.

Iranian officials have always called on the Iranian nation to preserve unity in a bid to thwart the plots hatched by the enemies against the Islamic establishment. [...]
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