Thursday, July 21, 2011

IRIB (Iran): "Zionist regime, scared of its own shadow"

Larijani ends by singing the chorus of his new song "This will fade the shaky US power away":
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the Zionist regime is afraid of its own shadow.

Making the remark on Wednesday while addressing the Majlis open session here, Larijani said “We got informed yesterday that it (Zionist regime) prevented the humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza Strip,” adding that this measure was a political scandal for that regime.

Larijani further deeply regretted the US and the West support for this action and said it showed the US and Zionists’ apprehension of regional developments.

Despite the western plots to create diversions in revolutions in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, the regional nations have become more persistent, the speaker noted.

Larijani stressed that the Middle East region is now ready to defend the oppressed Palestinians and this will fade the shaky US power away.
And this was echoed by the other Majlis members: "Awaaay--shoo wop shoo wop--awaaay--shoo wop shoo wop--awaaay . . . "

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