Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In North Korea "drama has reached the highest level"

Who needs Shakespeare now that Songun Korea is producing dramas "perfect in ideological and artistic value"?
General Secretary Kim Jong Il enjoyed drama "We Will Recollect Today" newly created by the National Theatrical Troupe.

The drama depicts the indomitable mental power and ardent patriotism displayed by the people of a mountainous county in the drive to implement the policy of the WPK on building medium- and small-scale hydraulic power stations during the arduous march.

He was greatly satisfied with the fact that the creators and artistes of the troupe produced an excellent drama perfect in ideological and artistic value meeting the aesthetic tastes in the era of Songun by preserving and fully applying to creative activities the Juche-based theory of drama established in creating the five revolutionary dramas. He highly appreciated the success made in the performance and extended special thanks to them on behalf of the general secretary of the WPK and the chairman of the NDC of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.

Noting that the drama has reached the highest level not only in ideological value but in all the elements of representation, he added that it is the greatest masterpiece as it makes a profound philosophical clarification of the memory of the faith and will, not conjuring up the memory of sorrow. He repeatedly said this is flawless in all aspects ranging from establishing human relations to dramaturgy, stage decor, music effect and acting and another monumental masterpiece representing the literature and arts in the era of Songun.

He met with playwriter Kim Hung Gi and director Jang Chan Guk and highly praised them for creating such great work, wishing them success in their future creative work.

The revolutionary dramas of the DPRK serve as powerful ideological weapons for preparing all the members of society as revolutionaries of Juche type and transforming them as required by the Juche idea for their high ideological and artistic value meeting the need and aspiration of the new era, he noted, underlining the need to intensify the performing activities to show them to larger audiences. [...]
It is a well-known fact that North Koreans are often physically stunted. We can now appreciate that this was a clever plan for fitting large audiences into small spaces.

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