Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Angry Arab: "A new Zionist trick in Western media"

I'm always happy to learn about a "new Zionist trick," but I am coming up a little short here trying to figure out how Zionism fits in:
There is a new Zionist media trick about the Middle East as of late. Zionists plant a story in the Saudi and Hariri press. And then they cite that planted story as fact and then it gets circulated. There was such a story weeks ago in the Saudi junk media about a supposed meeting between Iranian representatives and Syrian opposition figures. So now, the reliable recipient of Hariri propaganda, Georges Malbrunot, recycles the story. So now, the Hariri media are now re-publishing their own story but this time they are citing the authority of Le Figaro.

PS I just realized that I had written about this phenomenon before.
Ah, I see. The forgetfulness ray is only working intermittently. Sort of like Iron Dome.

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