Friday, August 26, 2011

Ma'an News: "Haniyeh: We will not recognize Israel"

Hamas won the most recent Palestinian elections. I'd say the Palestinians have repudiated UN Resolution 242:
Prime Minister of the Hamas-run Gaza government Ismail Haniyeh restated Friday his party's position that they will not recognize Israel.

In an address to worshipers gathered at An-Nour mosque in Gaza City for the last Friday of Ramadan, Haniyeh said "we will not leave any centimeter of Palestine, and we will not recognize Israel and the occupation."

The Hamas chief called the revolutions sweeping the Arab world, "the introduction for Palestinian liberation."

Noting the occasion of Al-Quds Day, an event marked internationally by solidarity activists, Haniyeh lauded nations remembering Jerusalem, and slogans raised "to liberate the capital of Palestine."

Haniyeh welcomed in his address the 36 South African activists who arrived in Gaza Thursday evening.

Hamas won Palestinian national elections in 2006, and ousted rival faction Fatah from the coastal strip in 2007 after tensions exploded into near civil war. [...]

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