Thursday, January 12, 2006

IRIB: "Abramoff ties with Zionists revealed"

From Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, whose English writers need to take a few ESL courses (English as a Second Language):
The Zionist lobbies operating within the United States ruling party were informed about scandalous activities of the US congress' political broker Jack Abramoff, a leading Isareli-backed journal has divulged.

The JTA journal, affiliated to the Zionist regime, announced that Abramoff had the support of the American Jewish community behind.

The journal revealed that he was active in receiving financial aids for Israel.

Jack Abramoff is a big shareholder in an Israeli company which bids mobile phone tenders in the Washington region. The Foxcom company managed to steal a ginat tender there after winning his backing.

Though not directly bribing Abramoff, the Oxfom had once granted 50 thousand dollars in aid to a superficially charity institute run by the broker.

Jack Abramoff has also developed meaningful relations with the American-based Jewish clerics, mainly in stablishing a Jewish religious school in Meryland.
Don't you love that phrasing?

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