Sunday, January 22, 2006

Linkim "US briefs Seoul on N.Korean counterfeit suspicions." From the same source: "The anti-anti-American"

LGF: "Hitler Runs for Office in the PA"

Canadian Jewish News: "Saada dismisses boycott call" The Montreal Muslim News mentioned in the article is interesting. Visit it, and you are greeted by a link to this.

The New Yorker has a review of “Go for Zucker,” a German "Jewish comedy."

Martin Kramer's Sandbox Blog has more about anti-Semitism at Columbia University.

J-post: "Israel gears up for possible Hamas victory" See this also from Jihad Watch.

Hevel Havalim 54 is at Jack's Shack.

Update: Oh, and AbbaGav has the minutes of a meeting of the "Sheik Yassin Elementary School PTA"

More: Asharq Al-Awsat: Amir Taheri reviews "Neoconservatism: Why We Need It" by Douglas Murray

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