Friday, January 27, 2006

Tehran Times: "Intifada at the ballot box"

Catchy title:
The Hamas victory in Wednesday’s Palestinian parliamentary election gave a democratic voice to the Intifada and shocked the world.

Hamas won the election mostly because of the popularity of their resistance against the occupation and the fact they presented an alternative to the long years of corruption and mismanagement by a Palestinian Authority dominated by the Fatah faction, and the ensuing poverty.
The corruption issue comes in second place here, right?
The occupiers have been talking of “peace” without really moving in the direction of peace. The Zionists have been negotiating with the Palestinian Authority off and on for years under different names, including the Road Map for the Middle East. Unfortunately, the Palestinians have gained nothing from this process.

Meetings in Madrid, Oslo, Washington, and many other places have produced no concrete results. Therefore, the people of Palestine came to the conclusion that they can only attain their rights through resistance because Israeli officials are not sincere. After all, the establishment of the Zionist regime was itself a deceitful act.

"The voters chose to punish the Palestinian Authority as represented by Fatah for its mismanagement during the last decade," said Nashat al-Aqtash from the West Bank's Bir Zeit University. "You must also add to that the fact that there is no political solution on the horizon and the occupation persists."

Israel was forced to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, which is called the world’s biggest open-air prison, due to the relentless resistance to the occupation, and not as a goodwill gesture. Israel withdrew from Gaza and is instead reinforcing its grip on the West Bank by ordering the construction of more settlements.

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