Saturday, January 07, 2006

J-Post: Fatah threatens TV station

A glimpse of the freedom that would ensue following the end of the "occupation":
Fatah gunmen on Saturday threatened to shut the offices of the pan-Arab Al-Arabiyah satellite TV station in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after accusing it of "defaming" Palestinian female suicide bombers and their families.
According to an Al-Asqa Martyr's Brigades leaflet:
"This film depicts female suicide bombers as a group of women suffering from psychological problems and who are under pressure from males. It claims that in order to rid themselves of these problems, these women are prepared to kill themselves. They also claimed that these women were ill- behaved."
And we all know that isn't true! Al-Arabiyah, of course, responded with exemplary courage:
Journalists working for Al-Arabiya expressed deep concern over the threats made by the Aksa Martyrs Brigades. "We were not involved in the film," one of them told The Jerusalem Post. "The film was produced by a foreign company and purchased by Al-Arabiya."


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