Thursday, January 19, 2006

Totalitarian Tunes

From (North) Korean News:
"The Sun and Youth", a concert of youth and students for pledging loyalty, was held at the Central Youth Hall on Jan. 17 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League. The performers put on the stage poem and chorus "Glory to the General", tale and chorus "On the Road of Fight to Follow the General", chorus and dance "We Are Successors to the Revolution", chorus "Dear General, Where Are You" which is an immortal masterpiece, male quintet and chorus "Let Us Become the Army of the General", chorus and dance "The Song of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League" and other numbers.
The performers and audiences hardened their determination to fully demonstrate the revolutionary stamina and valor of the Songun young vanguard in the general march to implement the tasks set forth in the joint New Year editorial and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche, remaining loyal to the leadership of Kim Jong Il, the Songun brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu.
The Juche sentence overcomes all obstacles, filling out a whole paragraph.

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