Friday, January 13, 2006

More Denial

This is from the NY Sun:
The leader of a large Shiite mosque in Queens has joined the new Iranian president in disputing the Holocaust, saying the Nazi massacre of an estimated 6 million Jews during World War II "has been exaggerated."

"The numbers which have been mentioned are too much," the spiritual leader of the Imam Al Khoei Islamic Center in Jamaica, Sheik Fadhel al Sahlani, told The New York Sun. Sheik al Sahlani, who said his mosque has a membership of about 3,000, said that the killing of innocent Jews during the war was "an injustice" but that the extent of Nazi persecution needed further examination. "The numbers, the reasons, we have to study more," he said.
It is obvious what he has been reading. There is a lot of propaganda out there designed to convince the uneducated and bigoted to come to this kind of conclusion. One trick is to compile a list of the numbers of Jews killed by country--and leave out Poland. Another trick exploits the fact that census figures in popular Almanacs and Encyclopedias were not updated for several years after WWII. (So if all those Joos died, why didn't the number change?) I wonder if it would have any effect to translate some Nizkor material into Arabic and distribute it in Mosques? (Hat tip: LGF)

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