Sunday, January 22, 2006

Irony at Arab News

From a current Arab News editorial on Iran's nuclear ambitions and Israel's response:
How ironic it is that Israel, the latest country to criticize Iran for its nuclear program, is the only country in the Middle East which possesses nuclear weapons. And with its violent history of mistreating the Palestinians, its occupation of a part of Syria, and Egypt and Lebanon in the past, and its 1981 air attack on the Iraqi nuclear research center, there is ample historical and present-day evidence that Israel is the country that cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons.
Let's see, occupying territory in a defensive war and then negotiating its return in the case of Egypt, occupying territory from which it was being attacked and then later withdrawing in the case of Lebanon, and using conventional weapons to prevent the Middle East's former most dangerous madman from obtaining nuclear capability: all that makes Israel "the country that cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons"--to the point that it is "ironic" that it is alarmed by the nuclear program of a Holocaust-denying state which holds public parades celebrating its new missiles' ability to reach the Zionist entity. Just making sure I understand.

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