Sunday, January 22, 2006

IRIB: Iran Holocaust Conference Starts Tomorrow

From Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
An international scientific conference will be held in Tehran Monday to discuss the Holocaust issue.

Initiated by Qod News Agency (Qodsna) and co-organized by the Iranian Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation, the conference will aim to shed light on the Western claims of mass killing of Jewish people.

Named 'holocaust, fact or myth?,' the conference gathers experts in the Palestinian issue from the Middle East regions.
Not WWII Historians?
The Zionist regime took a further step in recent days to give legitimacy to its violation of human rights in the occupied lands by initiating and approving January 27 as the day to remember holocaust victims in the United Nations General Assembly.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has called for member countries to publicize the claim and train their citizens to respect the holocaust issue.

Paradoxically, hundreds of Western scholars are rotting in jail on charges of denouncing the claims over holocaust.
Hundreds? All scholars? And they don't rot when not in jail?

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