Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mother lode of Mind-deadening desperate-for-a-potato Juche-speak

This is yet another item from the (North) Korean News site. Just ponder the title for a little while: "Stronger Single-Minded Unity Called for." Ready?
All the officials, party members and other working people should strengthen the single-minded unity, lifeline and mainstay of Korean-style socialism, in every way so as to bring earlier rosy future of Kim Il Sung Korea which will eternally prosper, urges Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article.
Consider the phrase "bring earlier rosy future." It seems to proclaim "Though we may be facing a severe shortage of food and definite articles now, in the future we might achieve a partial solution to the definite article problem. Perhaps the US will include some in the next foreign aid package."
It goes on:
Does it ever!
The single-minded unity of the party members, servicepersons and people around the leader is the true picture of socialism and a source of invincibility.
So many invincibility sources, so little time.
It is the lesson drawn from the protracted struggle waged by the Korean people for socialism that the single-minded unity ensures its victory. The single-minded unity serves as weapon for a sure victory as it makes it possible to firmly defend the dignity and sovereignty of our socialist country in the fierce confrontation with imperialism and as a driving force for dynamically pushing forward the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation.
I think I have figured out the main principle of paragraph development in Jucheland: each sentence should be a more-emphatic rewrite of the one which preceded it. Remember Orwell's famous observation that "Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four"? I offer Goodman's corollary: Slavery stunts paragraph development. Three single-sentence paragraphs follow:
The reality today when the drive for building a great prosperous powerful nation is gaining in depth calls for consolidating the single-minded unity, a sure guarantee for the country's prosperity, in every way.
You don't suppose they think single-minded unity is a good thing, do you?
One of the important matters in further strengthening the single-minded unity at present is for all the servicepersons and people to remain true to the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il with firm faith in the sure victory of socialism.
I think the train of thought took a small step forward there. Actually, make that a giant step forward in achieving great powerful prosperous Socialist prose!
One of the important matters in strengthening the single-minded unity at present is to fully prepare the third and fourth generations of the revolution, a driving force of society, politically and ideologically.
The struggle to achieve grandeur and prosperity of socialism will go on generation after generation and steady continuity should be given to the tradition of the single-minded unity. Korean style socialism will eternally make a long drive when the young people remain intensely loyal to their leader just as the revolutionary forerunners did.
I think this means "Perhaps in two or three generations we'll have something to eat. Maybe a potato."


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