Sunday, December 04, 2011

"Hamas didn't fail" (ABNA-Iran)

I'm sure you would never dare to think that Hamas could "fail," but you should enjoy this explanation of why it didn't:
In a recent interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper, Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas claimed that Hamas failed in its "experiment of governance."

Well, it is really hard to swallow Abbas's remarks. His standards of success and failure must be totally unrealistic and irrational.

We know that in life, achievements, whether by individuals or nations, are measured in proportion to the availability of means, circumstances, challenges as well as the nature of goals pursued.

Hamas, a resistance movement fighting the octopus of international Zionism which controls big governments, including the government of the United States, the world's only remaining though declining superpower and Israel's guardian-ally, never pretended to be a super power that would liberate occupied Palestine from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan.

Indeed, those Palestinians who elected Hamas in 2006 did so not because they thought that Hamas would soon deliver Safad and Jaffa from the clutches of evil Zionism.

They did so because they thought, rather correctly, that Hamas was a clean, honest and corruption-free movement, unlike the notoriously corrupt Palestinian Authority whose very name is synonymous with corruption, graft, nepotism, cronyism, misappropriation of wealth, embezzlement of public money and other forms of corruption and misgovernment.

And from the very moment Hamas was elected, a real world war was declared on the small movement, including a hermetic global financial war, a harsh travel ban, and tight sea blockade on Gaza as well as the closure of all Islamic charities throughout the West Bank.

This is added the Nazi-like witch-hunting campaign targeting every elected or unelected Islamist official in the occupied territories, including virtually all Islamist MPs, most of whom were totally innocent people.

Indeed, five years after the elections, some of these MPs are still languishing in Jewish dungeons and bastilles on no other ground than to satiate the sadistic Zionist desire to see Palestinians suffer and wallow in pain.

But Israel was not the only villain in this orgy of oppression. Abbas's Palestinian Authority itself, which viewed security coordination with Israel as constituting political success, actively conspired and connived with Israel, secretly and publicly, in order to decapitate Hamas once and for all. The facts in this regard are too ignominious to recall.

Similarly, American puppet governments in the region did everything Israel asked for in order to throttle Hamas and its supporters. The ultimate goal was to force the Islamist movement to surrender and submit to Jewish Nazism.

And when Hamas proved too tenacious and virtually undefeatable, mainly because you can't defeat an idea by bullets and conspiracies, Israel launched an all-out war on the thoroughly blockaded and thoroughly starved Gaza Strip for the purpose of eradicating Hamas from the face of earth. The all-out onslaught resembled to a large degree the allies' bombing of Dresden during WWII. [...]
There's more if you can stomach it.

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