Monday, December 19, 2011

"We Are under Respected Kim Jong Un"

Western news agencies are wondering if the relatively untested Kim Jong Un will be able to successfully take over the reins of power. Silly Imperialists!
[...] Kim Jong Il passed away to our sorrow before seeing the victory in the drive for building a thriving nation, his great desire, but we are under respected Kim Jong Un identical to him.

Kim Jong Un's leadership provides a sure guarantee for successfully carrying forward the revolutionary cause of Juche through generations, the cause which was started by the President and led by Kim Jong Il to victory".

Kim Nam Il, 36, teacher of Wonsan University of Fisheries, vowed to eternally hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem and defend and glorify his undying revolutionary feats, united close around Kim Jong Un.

The army and people of the DPRK will weather the present difficulties by overcoming sorrow and displaying fresh strength and courage and struggle more staunchly for the great victory of the Juche revolution under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.
According to one article I saw, Kim Jong Un already has diabetes, just like his father.

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