Thursday, December 15, 2011

"UK Queen begged Tehran for ties" (PressTV-Iran)

Zohreh Elahian, in case you don't follow these things so closely, is female:
A senior Iranian lawmaker has revealed that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II “begged” Tehran to maintain ties with London after Iran's Majlis voted to downgrade ties with the country.

“After Iran's Majlis approved a bill to downgrade ties with the UK, the office of [Britain's] Queen [Elizabeth II] contacted some of the Iranian officials and begged for the continuation of relations with Britain,” Head of Iran Majlis (parliament) Human Rights Sub-committee, Zohreh Elahian was quoted by Fars News Agency as saying on Thursday. [...]
I wonder if there is any truth to this at all. Maybe the Queen got modestly involved in the diplomatic process at some point? It is hard to judge from this article, which is supposed to mean that Iran is scoring lots of glory and grandeur points presently.

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