Monday, December 26, 2011

"Students manufacture amateur surveillance drone" (IRNA-Iran)

What's an "electric jet engine"?
Students of Islamic Azad University in the city of Heris, East Azarbaijan province built amateur surveillance drone with electric jet engine, IRNA reported on Monday.

Head of the technical team involved in manufacturing the drone Nasser Nazari Heris said in the ceremony to unveil the aircraft that it has been designed for 35 minutes reconnaissance mission at night.

He said that the aircraft is ultra-light working with two electric jet engines and is capable of flying with one engine.

Nazari Heris said in the meantime that it took four months to design and manufacture the drone.

Teammate Reza Danandeh said that the drone is capable of flying at maximum speed of 250 km and minimum 50 km per hour.

It can fly a distance of 10 km and operates at an altitude of 9,000 feet. The aircraft can transmit online scanning of the area to database on the ground.
In other drone news, according to a Mehr headline, "Decoding drones not beyond Iran’s capabilities: defense minister":
Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi has said that Iran has very high capabilities in the area of defense, particularly in decoding unmanned aircraft.

Vahidi made the remarks during a televised interview broadcast live on Jaam-e-Jam TV network on Sunday night.

“Islamic Iran has very high capabilities in all areas of defense, (including) employing drones and decoding them, electronic warfare and anti-electronic warfare as well as countering covert wars against the Islamic Republic of Iran and by itself has achieved such a level of success under the most difficult circumstances and (under) comprehensive sanctions. Therefore, it will easily enhance (its capabilities) and maintain them,” he said. [...]

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