Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Iran Can Make Drones More Advanced than RQ-170" (Fars News-Iran)

In which we learn of Iran's "giant advancement in electronics":
Former Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Electronic Warfare Division Ali Asqar Zare'i stressed Iran's giant advancement in electronics, and said the country can and will make drones much better and more advanced than the US RQ-170 Sentinel that it downed on December 4.

Zare'i who is now a member of the Iranian parliament pointed to the hues and cries made by the US after Iran brought down the US stealth drone, and said, "Americans want to wage a propaganda campaign to make the world believe that if Iran gains any progress in this field (drone technology) it has been learnt from the (downed) drone."

"That is not true. In fact our drone industries is right now not much behind this plane technically," Zareii noted.

"Today the stealth technology has been indigenized in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have a radar-evading plane which enjoys a home grown and fully stealth technology and has been tested by the most precise systems and can continue flying for tens of hours," the commander said, adding that the US officials should wait and see how Iranian experts make a drone much more advanced than the American RQ-170 Sentinel.

"In response to Mr. Obama's demand for the return of this plane, I recommend the Americans to be patient a bit since God willing our friends will manufacture a drone more advanced than the US RQ-170 Sentinel soon and then they can come and buy it to regain their morale and stop their (present) feeling that they are loosing everything," the former IRGC Electronic Warfare commander said. [...]
That's really giant of him . . .

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