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"The Jews are the ideas that now prevails everywhere": Conspiracy Theories from the Muslim Brotherhood

The auto-translation is very garbled in places, but you get the idea. From
Jewish conspiracy continues

Unfinished plots Judaism at an end attempts to assassinate the Prophet peace be upon him, but took Liedson and hatching in the dark; They were behind the murder plot Commander of the Faithful Omar ibn al-Khattab, and sedition overwhelming that broke out during the reign of the third Caliph Uthman ibn Affan at the hands of Abdullah Ibn Saba the Jew, and then followed it up to broadcast the seeds of strife and discord and conflict, and divide the nation into warring groups; Shias and the Kharijites and Qaramita and others.

Continued Jewish conspiracy in the black covert action through their associations suspicious, all lead to one goal, is to renounce religion and put and call to non-religious; Kalasmaeilih and the Ahmadiyya and the esoteric.

Today causing a treachery by secret societies to undermine Islam; Balmasonah and Rotary Clubs and the Baha'i .. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Hussein: "The invitations destructive was wearing a dress of humanity and compassion and love of peace and harmony, they are many; Kalmasonah and communism, spiritual, and call for reconciliation between religions and between Islam and Christianity in particular," they went out to the world slogans glamorous; all lead to the destruction of Islam and destroy it.

And confirms the Sheikh Mohammed Abu Zahra (may Allah have mercy on him) their deception today, saying: "What I thought - as well as more Almason - that their association puppet Zionist purely not only Jewish, seeks the Jews by their influence to restore the glory of Zion, and the meaning of the glory of Zion disarmament of Palestine and its Judaization, a king to the Arabs for three centuries and a half. "

We will not forget their destructive

We will not forget the Jews subversive role in toppling the Islamic Caliphate, and they take off the Sultan Abdul Hamid, was demonstrated on the dimensions of the plot through the recently published diary of Sultan Abdul Hamid, and the emergence of a lot of historical documents and books that show the facts in this conspiracy .. Dr. Mustafa Hilmi: "The collapse of the heralds of which appeared in the last century, and before the announcement of its fall by the movement of the coup members of the Union and Progress (Masonic), and proved that they do not belong to the strain in Turkish, but a mixture of races, religions and nationalities, and staged a coup against the Sultan Abdul Hamid, for refusing to allow the Jews to buy land in Palestine.

Will not forget the destructive role of Jews in the Holy Temple .. Came in an appeal of Ansar al-Palestine Holy directed to the Muslim world to save Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1938: "The Jews demanded that the Grand Mufti to the Holy Land officially hand over Al-Aqsa Mosque and it is permissible for them to transform it a synagogue they live their faith," In the book (the Temple of Solomon) to Joseph Haj states: "The Jews demanding demolition of Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the Temple of Solomon and the Wailing Wall, as claimed by the Jews is the wall the rest of the Temple of Solomon, and if we know that this wall is the western wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque destructive realized the seriousness of their plans.

Will not forget the Jews their subversive today in the fight against Islam on the international level; in the political, economic, social, and dissemination of dissolution to break the immunity of Muslim societies, and was Raúdhm the Jewish Freud; the demolition of ethics such as the demolition of thought and religion, both Jewish Darwin and Marx, then Otbahma Jewish Durkheim; who said that the original communist women, the need for the family!.

And became the Jews do not publish these views in the forums and publishing houses, but possessed direction applied to them; from the exploitation of art, and used as a tool for the pleasures of besmirched, and desires, and become Jews today are running nightclubs and dance halls and brothels, even turning the world into a brothel full of corruption, not to mention Jewish women and their use as wives or mistresses of the leaders of nations and well-known; to know the secrets and racketeering.

The record here, "Jack Whitney," U.S. Senator cries of the facts about what he sees in his country, America; says:

* There is a fear that a converted Jew in America a hundred years, and are more than dreams of Marx.

The Jews are the ideas that now prevails everywhere, and the occupation of Palestine and the establishment of the State of Israel is a sign of the beginning of the era of non-religious Jews.

* The influence of Jewish finance has been strengthened for ever; terrible strength in order to remain dominant throughout the world.

* If we searched and searched behind the scenes of world politics animated; We found the Zionist stand firm devoid of emotions, do not shake the conscience of him.

* The destruction of nations and destroy religions and atheism offer .. All of these tragedies giant steps on the road to realize the hope of Israel (Book of the false brothers).

The Jews will not forget their role today in the killing of innocent people in Gaza and southern Lebanon, and has shaken sho the permanent slogan of resistance: "Khaybar Khaybar Jews, Muhammad's army .. started back."

The resistance to draw the nation's awakening after a setback, and awakening after a long sleep, in spite of Bush!!, And takes us back memory to the year 1948, was raped Palestine in the absence of Islam, and almost Brigades, the Muslim Brotherhood to remove the shame shameful, and inflicted terror in the hearts of the Jews nerveless; not for allies Jewish corruption of the people who kill Jews Kavúa Imam al-Banna in the February 12, 1949 AD.
Glad to hear "The influence of Jewish finance has been strengthened for ever." Hope that trickles down to me. (Hat Tip: EOZ)

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