Friday, December 30, 2011

"Syrian Opposition Leader Urges Officials to Take Rigid Action to Free Abducted Iranians" (Fars News-Iran)

I guess they were looking for a word like "rigorous":
A senior Syrian opposition leader condemned abduction of five Iranian engineers by unknown gunmen in Homs city last week, and urged the country's officials to take swift and serious action to set them free.

"We demand Homs officials to use all their possibilities to set the Iranian engineers free because they have come to Syria to aid our country with progress and development," Syrian Parliament Member and Leader of the 'Third Movement' Opposition Party Mohammad Habash told FNA in Damascus on Friday.

The opposition leader further underlined that the Iranian nationals have been abducted for political motives, specially for impairing Iran-Syria alliance.

"…those behind the kidnapping intend to pressure the ruling system (in Damascus) and make Iranians feel scared of their alliance with Syria", he said, but meantime underlined, "I don't think that such a thing could bring their illusions into reality and harm Iran and Syria's alliance."

He reminded Iran and Syria's strategic alliance against the Zionist regime of Israel, and said no one can harm the Islamic Resistance against the Zionist regime through such measures. [...]

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