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Ahmadinejad: "June 12 polls was end of liberal democracy"

I think Ahmadinejad means that "liberal democracy" is done for in the world at large. He is given to those sorts of pronouncements. "Liberal thoughts" are also kaput:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that the June 12 presidential election in Iran which has promoted and strengthened the government was the end of liberal democracy and liberal thoughts.

Addressing a national gathering of judicial officials, the President said, “the Iranian nation favors dialogue and wisdom as well as constructive and cultural interaction.”

Referring to the recent interference in Iran's internal affairs and insulting comments of certain Western states on Iran’s dealing with rioters after the 10th presidential election in the country, President Ahmadinejad said, “From now on, we will bring you to justice at any international meeting.”

“How is it possible that those whose hands were stained with the blood of innocent people, are now talking about human rights and believe that they could damage Iran’s Islamic system and establishment with their hollow and satanic statements and with their propaganda against Iran’s clean and humane system?”

President Ahmadinejad made the remarks commenting on the recent statements of US President Barack Obama about Iran’s riots following the country’s presidential election.

President Obama had said on Friday that the way that Tehran has dealt with those involved in recent riots in the country was “outrageous.”

President Ahmadinejad noted that IRI does not expect a few European countries (Germany, Britain and France) to follow a logical way but it expects US President Barak Obama to be more logical.

"Americans say they wish to talk with Iran but then show such a conduct. They have no more thing to hide from other nations. They showed to the world that they have yet to change," the President said, alluding to Obama's main solgan of change.

Stressing that Iran’s electoral system was one of the most popular, safest and cleanest in the world, the President termed the remarks made by his US counterpart as “far from international rules and norms and also impolite.”

The president advised Western states to stop addressing the Iranian nation with impolite literature and correct their behavior.
Another IRIB article features "First Vice-President Parviz Davoodi" with the headline "Riots nerve centers located in West." Iran has developed a super-weapon which turns Western intellectuals into palm trees:
He added that the global arrogance is scared and terrified by the fact that their scholars and thinkers have grown frond of Iran’s religious democracy.
The horror . . .

Meanwhile, at Press TV we learn that Ahmadinejad has added threats of retaliation to the meddling-accusations that Obama's meddling-denials evidently inspired:
Ahmadinejad downplayed Obama's slogan of change, saying his actions are at odds with his statements and went on to ask the White House to "change its tone and approach."

"If you continue your meddlesome stance, the Iranian nation's response will be crushing and regret-inducing," warned Ahmadinejad.
Oh well, Obama's good at regret.

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