Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scheme to bankrupt parents now targets Jews

I've got a pain in my wallet:
Dana Witkin holds her brand new Rebecca Rubin doll up to her face, and the resemblance is hard to ignore. Both the 7-year-old Orange County resident and Rebecca Rubin – the first Jewish doll in American Girl’s historical character line – have softly curled light brown hair with amber highlights, olive skin, and striking hazel eyes. [...]

Each year, American Girl introduces a new character to its line of historical dolls. The dolls are all set in pivotal time periods. Collections include a series of books and sometimes videos about the girl’s experience, as well as accessories ranging from pets to clothing to furniture. The dolls cost just under $100 each, and the accessories add up pretty quickly. [...]
Not if you shun the whole American Girl racket to begin with.

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