Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Peace Process so far

Recent coverage of the Israeli-Palestinin conflict creates the strange impression that a peace-agreement is something essentially to be worked out between Netanyahu and Obama. We are seeing all sorts of speculation on the positions that the two will eventually take, but where do some other interested parties stand?

Saudis: Two state solution, both states for the Palestinians

Hamas: Peace Zero, with Hudna . . . All the land concessions, none of the peace . . .

Fatah: Further rejections of peace offers not forthcoming without Israeli concesions

PFLP: Property is theft, Workers control the means of production, Itbach Al-Yahud!

DFLP: Closed for lunch, for matters requiring immediate attention contact Syrian embassy

Islamic Jihad: Same as the PFLP, without the means of production part

PRC: Pass the rockets

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