Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your dailyJuche-ness

What does the North Korean corner of the Axis of Evil have to say for itself today? (North) Korean News currently has a long, detailed account of why the two Korean-American Journalists were sentenced to 12 years in a Stalin-style Gulag:
[...] The preliminary investigation proved that they had a confab on producing and broadcasting a documentary slandering the DPRK with Mitch Koss, executive producer of programming of the Current TV, David Neuman, president of programming, and David Harleston, head of the Legal Department of Current TV, and other men in Los Angeles, U.S. in January.

A trial of the accused was held at the Pyongyang City Court from June 4 to 8.

At the trial the accused admitted that what they did were criminal acts committed, prompted by the political motive to isolate and stifle the socialist system of the DPRK by faking up moving images aimed at falsifying its human rights performance and hurling slanders and calumnies at it.

In the name of the DPRK the Central Court determined ten years of hard labor according to Provision 69 of the Criminal Code and four years of hard labor according to Provision 233 of the Criminal Code for the accused Laura Ling and Seung-Un Lee and sentenced them to 12 years of hard labor according to Provision 44 of the Criminal Code.

The prison term is counted from March 22, 2009, when the accused were detained and it was pronounced that the judgment is unappealable.

The criminals admitted and accepted the judgment.
In other articles, various things were blasted, slammed, and flayed. One article tells of how the Dear Leader instituted anti-flood measures in the middle of a drought:
Some officials may ask why we should be worried about rains when the sky is blue, he said, adding: But it is woefully wrong to think that way and we should set about a campaign to prevent flood damage without delay.

The official was moved to the depths of his being.

It was a marvelous thing unknown in history to take measures against damage from heavy rains, not measures to tide over drought when a long dry spell hit the country.
Sure enough, there were torrential rains. The article concludes "Kim Jong Il is, indeed, a great man with clairvoyant wisdom." And those journalists wanted to "hurl slanders and calumnies"!

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