Monday, June 22, 2009

Apartheid couscous business brisk

While the Khomeinist entity was firing on protesters a few days ago, a bunch of progressives were trying to intervene in the commerce of the Zionist entity by de-shelving couscous and other Israeli products from Trader Joe's shelves. However, Imperialist running dog Zionist lackeys who were actually removing the products in order to buy them got there first. The, ahem, money-quote from Cleveland Indy Media:
A store in Rockridge California reported a half dozen protesters out front giving out leaflets. They were largely ignored by customers. Inside the store however, as well as in most California trader Joes, Israeli products were sold out.
Yasher koach, lackeys! Three Jews, Four Opinions has the story while Divest This! has helpful suggestions for "What to do with all that couscous." One answer, by the way, to the what-to-do-with-couscous question is anything you would do with other pasta.

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