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North Korea: Bad U.S. "interfered in the elections in other countries"

Hmm, "elections in other countries." I wonder what that's a reference to:
The reality requires more urgently than ever before to frustrate the U.S. moves for interference in the internal affairs of other countries, defend the sovereignty of the country and nation and guarantee the sound and smooth development of the international relations, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a signed article. It goes on:

The interference in the internal affairs of other countries and nations precisely means an infringement upon their sovereign rights. What political mode each country chooses and by what method it develops its economy is an issue pertaining to its own sovereign right. Therefore, no one is mandated to interfere in it and instruct those countries to do this or that.

But such practices have become all the more pronounced in the international arena nowadays.

Citing facts to prove that the U.S. interfered in the elections in other countries in an undisguised manner in recent years, the article goes on;

The said move of the U.S. is not limited to the elections only. It is being persistently perpetrated in various fabrics of social life including politics, economy, culture and military affairs.

It is an important task directly related to the destiny of each country and nation to frustrate the U.S. moves for interference in internal affairs, ensure political stability and defend the sovereignty of the country and nation. The destiny of each country and nation depends upon the struggle for defending its sovereignty. A single-step concession to the U.S. interference in internal affairs made by a certain country and nation would force it to make tens and hundreds steps backward and this will eventually lead to a serious consequence of having its sovereignty infringed upon.

The mighty way of smashing the U.S. moves for interference in internal affairs is to bolster up the national defence capability. [...]
That explains this. In other "news," the Korean News site presents the following nauseating sycophancy. Yuck:
We cannot live away from the bosom of General Secretary Kim Jong Il who takes care of our destiny and future.

This ardent effusion is a wholehearted profession of the army and people of Korea with regard to Kim Jong Il.

It is his creed that the revolution is needed for the people, one should pluck stars in the sky and bring flowers in bloom on a stone and should not stint even fabulous wealth if it is for the interests of the people.

Over the last 45 years since the historic day when he started his work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, respect and love for man have turned into reality itself, not remaining mere idea or theory.

He has covered centuries and decades, months and days for the happiness of the people, true to President Kim Il Sung's idea of "believing in people as in heaven."
"He has covered centuries"?
When a local area was hit by flood, he commanded the relief campaign through sleepless nights, saying there must not be a single victim. And, hearing news that triplets were born in a mountain village far off from Pyongyang, he saved the mother and new-born babies by letting a helicopter fly.

Under his loving care, many common workers, peasants and intellectuals regained their lives across the deadline and a schoolchildren's palace made appearance at the foot of Mt. Paektu. [...]
The holy mountain of revolution!

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