Sunday, June 28, 2009

JANA (Libya): "Newlywed Italian couple who were congratulated by Leader of the Revolution . . . express overwhelming delight"

Gadaffi, we learn, "was very suave":
The newlywed Italian couple who were congratulated by Leader of the Revolution, as he was passing a Rome square during his first historic to Italy, expressed overwhelming delight for the congratulation on their wedding day in Rome.

The Italian groom Leonardo Di Silvio, described the leader's gesture during his wedding day a great one, which they were not expecting.

The Italian groom, Director of Radio Mania, in Velletri the outskirts of Rome, said:
(Me and my wife were overwhelmed by the surprise which we were not expecting, we only thought we could see him from a distance, but what had happened was a very joyful incident that coincided with our first wedding day and we thank him for it).

"It is difficult to describe seeing him up close for the first time, it's the fascination and admiration of Leader Gathafi, it's difficult to describe that moment, the leader was very suave," the groom added while receiving a copy of the photos that were taken during the incident from JANA office in Rome.

For her part, the bride expressed honor to the leader's congratulation on her wedding day.

"We sensed great compassion in the leader Gathafi's words, his congratulation made our wedding day even more joyful. When we approached him and shook hands, we felt assured and we wished that moment wouldn't end.
Ah, to have been there! Short of receiving wedding greetings from the Leader of the Revolution, the surest route to expressions of overwhelming delight is the latest Haveil Havalim.

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