Monday, May 29, 2006

Ayatollah hires North Korean speechwriter

This is an article about a speech from "Islamic Revolution Leader, His Eminence Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khaemeni." Ready?
Recounting the remarkable conditions of the country regarding beacons of hope and strength of the Islamic Republic system mainly the system's initiating presence in international arena as well as the enemy's passiveness, the dominance of the original Islamic statute as well as the revival of values and slogans of the Islamic Revolution, the rare ongoing integrity in the county, great scientific achievements by the Iranian young talented people, and the expansion of strategic position of the Islamic system among world Muslims, the IR Leader pointed to enemy's desperate moves to overshadow current situation of the Islamic system including provocations to incite sectarian and religious tensions.
Juche sentence structure.
Ayatollah Khamenei touched on a number of strong points of the system as source of the exceptional conditions of the country, mainly the dominance of the original Islamic statute "which runs unlike what is expected from other revolutions, as the framework and platform (of every revolution) is usually expected to run down in the course of time, but the Iranian people and the elites of the nation demonstrated their true self by voting to the pure values and slogans of the Islamic Revolution, causing enemies, who at some time pinned hope in certain remarks and conducts, to hold onto a passive position."
There will be a quiz on this.
The IR Leader pointed to current unity and integrity in the country and three branches of government as another strong point of the system, adding that all along the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the late Imam (R.A.) and other prominent figures underlined maintaining of unity, however, at some time, dual governing was unfortunately promoted and enemies too promoted the same idea, but it is now integrity among nation, government and all officials that runs the situation.
Glad to hear it.
The IR Leader described the present conditions of America in the region, especially in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and the failure of the "Great Middle East" plan based on the Zionist regime and the establishment of a Great Middle East based on the Islamic Republic of Iran along with other points of strength and stability of the Islamic System, as tokens of a sensitive juncture in terms of emergence of strong points.
What's that? Yes, I do expect you to read this slop!

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