Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IRIB: "Western media exaggerate Gaza events"

From Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
A high-ranking Palestinian government official said that international media exaggerate the security situation in Gaza, adding that some western news agencies were making wild predictions in this regard.

Ahmed Yousuf, political advisor to Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniya, described the overall situation in Gaza as generally calm.

"These were isolated events initiated by some individuals. There is no confrontation between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza. The media is exaggerating," IRNA quoted Yousuf as telling a telephone interview from his home in Gaza, alluding to clashes between some members of Hamas and Fatah which claimed the lives of seven people in the past two months.

He accused the media of blowing small and isolated incidents out of proportion and creating a false impression that Palestine was on the verge of civil war.

"Whenever somebody fires a few rounds into the other, some western news agencies will report this as raging battles between Fatah and Hamas. What kind of professional journalism is this?" said Yousuf.
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