Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ahmadinejad: "Enemies Seeking to Disintegrate Jordan to Save Israel"

Nice rant:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned about enemies' plots against Muslim nations, saying that they are seeking to disintegrate Jordan to save the Zionist regime from its present complicated situation.

Ahmadinejad also warned about the plots by the West and the US to trigger Iranian-Arab and Sunni-Shiite clashes among regional countries.

Addressing a massive people's gathering in the Western city of Kermanshah on Thursday, he said the plot aimed at saving the broken and collapsing Zionist regime and improving the hated image of the US.

He described the plot to "form two states" as a scheme to save the Zionist regime and break the resistance front.

He further warned those who were collaborating with enemies in advancing the plot.

The president said the main problem the enemies were facing in materializing their idea was the "shortage of land".

He said that enemies are determined to disintegrate Jordan to get to their objective and are disinclined to even allocate a part of the occupied lands for this purpose.

He also noted that the US and western countries were conducting a game of "fluctuating exchange rates" and "providing faked belongings" to loot nations from their resources and also to compensate for their own budget deficits.

President Ahmadinejad termed the game with exchange rates as a modern war and as a proof of west's economic deceitfulness and said the US adds a single zero in front of certain deposits and then keeps asking for services, mines and resources of the nations.
As Jethro once said: "Funny thing about them naughts: By themselves, they ain't worth shucks, but you lay 'em out behind a number, and them rascals is dynamite."

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