Saturday, April 09, 2011

Fars News: Islamic Jihad vows "crushing response" to "Israeli aggression"

Iranian news sites often provide a platform for Hamas and Islamic Jihad belligerence:
A leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement warned that Israel's intensified attacks against the Palestinian civilians will be reciprocated with his movement's crushing response.

"The resistance has shown much restraint in a bid to deter any new aggression against the Palestinian nation, but the occupying (Zionist) army has walked over all the red lines by targeting civilians and at present there is no way out but giving an immediate and crushing response (to the Zionists)," Islamic Jihad Spokesman Abu Ahmad told FNA on Saturday.

He referred to the rockets rained down on the Zionist settlements which forced the Israeli regime to harbor its Zionist population in bomb shelters last night, and said the Palestinian resistance can intensify its attacks and create further panic and horror among Israeli settlers.

Abu Ahmad said the rockets the resistance forces fired last night are mid-range rockets which can hit targets 45 to 50km in distance, and warned that the Islamic Jihad possesses other rockets with longer ranges.

Earlier this year, a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement had dismissed Israel's intensified war rhetoric against Palestinians as hollow words, and warned that Palestinian rockets would rain down on Zionist settlements in response to any Israeli aggression.

"Raining rockets on Zionist settlements would be the Palestinian combatants' response to any massive Israeli attack," Hajj Abou Samer Moussa said in January. [...]
Meanwhile, IRIB has this from Hamas:
Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas announced on Saturday it would escalate its attacks against the Zionist regime to include a wider range of targets if the regime rejects to halt its aerial assaults on the Gaza Strip.

Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri blamed Zionists for an escalation in violence.

"If the Israeli escalation continues, amid international silence and complicity, the reactions by resistance factions will broaden," he told Reuters.

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