Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jimmy, Elders "enjoyed a grand magic being staged at May Day Stadium"

Jimmy and the Elders in Juche land. No joint field guidance at a people's peanut farm?
The elders' delegation headed by Jimmy Carter, ex-president of the U.S., visited Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies on Wednesday.

The guests were briefed on the successes made by the University in the educational work, provided with modern educational equipment, and exchanged conversations with students in a lecture room.

They also visited a nurses' school in South Phyongan Province, the Phyongsong City People's Hospital, etc. They enjoyed a grand magic being staged at May Day Stadium.

Meanwhile, the elders' delegation gave a reception on Wednesday in connection with the visit to the DPRK.
In related news (Thanks, "Guest"), we learn that Jimmy hoped "to break [the] stalemate between [the] Koreas." Wouldn't "breaking a stalemate" mean that one side could be defeated? If you want something done right, always prefer an Elder of Zion to an Elder of Songun. Things are bad in Imperialist-land, though. Another Korean News headline informs us: "Americans Displeased with Deteriorating Living":
Americans are expressing their bitter grievances about their deteriorating living due to the unreasonable policy of the authorities.

According to the results of a nationwide opinion poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC, many respondents expressed concern over the evermore serious joblessness.

About 70 percent of the respondents deplored that their living further deteriorated due to the oil price rise.
Actually, that's pretty accurate. Jouché?

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