Tuesday, April 05, 2011

J Post: "Non-traditional items showing up on Seder plates"

The usual dreary, self-indulgent attempts to correct Judaism's deficiency of narcissistic claptrap. Let's put an orange on the seder plate to show we're feminist. Let's add an olive to show that we think Mondoweiss is the highest expression of Judaism. This article has the most examples I have ever seen in one place. Here is one example:
A rotten piece of lettuce illustrates that inner-city grocery stores often carry only spoiled produce.
I guess that refers to something like the claims made in this October 2009 CS Monitor article:
East L.A. resident Olga Perez has to take two buses to a store about eight miles away to get fresh fruits and vegetables, or decent cuts of meat, for her family.

"The only thing I can get at my corner store are spoiled or expired," explains Ms. Perez, a dental assistant and single mother who lives in a two-bedroom apartment with two daughters and a granddaughter.

The round trip costs her $5 and limits what she can carry home. "I can only get so much milk and when I get home the eggs are cracked and the bread is smashed," she says.

And because she works until 6:30 p.m. most nights, Perez doesn't often have the time to make the trip and get home in time to cook for her family. Her solution: "Open a can of ravioli or make hot dogs," but that sometimes keeps her daughter and granddaughter up at night, complaining of insomnia and stomach aches. [...]
Ravioli causes insomnia? I'm putting NoDoz on my seder plate! They aren't gebrokts, are they?

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