Friday, February 13, 2009

Blow to the head Ayatollah Jannati's favorite metaphor

A public demonstration, for instance, was a "sever [sic] punch against the head of the Americans and the Israelis." That's a good sign that you are dealing with the press of a repressive regime. Everything, no matter how purely political or trivial, is a giant victory:
Ayatollah Ahmad jannati lauded the presence of the Iranian people in the Bahman 22 marches and said," The noble and prosperous Iranian nation hit another sever punch against the head of the Americans and the Israelis with that move, starting a soft enemy breaking plan against those who are planning for overthrowing the system softly."

The Alim stressed that the media should disclose the overthrow plots of the enemy and introduce proper methods to the people to neutralize these plots.

Ayatollah Jannati said the enemy could not believe the mass presence of the people in the Bahman 22-marches adding that their news agencies saw the events but they tried to broadcast false information in this regard.

"The enemy should know that it could not force the united 70 million Iranian people surrender to it," Jannati added.

He noted that the Iranian people showed their faith in the Revolution and the Founder of the Islamic Revolution. They also renew their enmity towards the American false policies. [...]
Gotta renew that enmity. Jannati is evidently on a roll with that head-blow imagery:
Provisional Friday Prayers leader of Tehran said here Friday in his second sermon launching Omid (hope) Satellite was hammer that was hit over heads of United States and Israel.
In this case maybe we should take violence of that imagery seriously.

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