Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IRNA: "Ahmadinejad: Bullying powers should learn lesson from Bush destiny"

What "destiny" would that be? Bush's term of office ended--this isn't Venezuela. Perhaps he means earning the scorn of all "independent" nations, such as North Korea:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that the bullying powers should learn a lesson from Bush’s destiny and avoid deviating from the right path.

Ahmadinejad who is currently in the central provincial capital city of Yazd on the second round of his provincial tours, made the remark in his address a large group of local people on Wednesday.

Addressing bullying powers, he said, "If you deviate from the path of God and insist on commiting your previous crimes and atrocities, your dstiny will be no be better than that of former US president Gorge W. Bush.

The message of the Iranian nation to bullying powers is that they should make good on their mistakes by making fundamental and real changes to serve the interests of nations instead of killing them, he said.

Big powers should respect nations and preserve their rights, he said.

The Iranian nation loves all human beings and advocates peace, dignity and development of all nations, underlined the Iranian president.

“I advise you (big powers) to return to the path of divine prophets and nations,” he said. [...]
The word "divine" just modifies "prophets"; he doesn't mean that there is a United Divine Nations or anything.

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