Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Iran's Nuke Program Chomsky-Approved

And exactly how does he know that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful?
An eminent American intellectual and professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, and the author of 'Imperial Ambitions', Noam Chomsky, has emphasized the peaceful and legal nature of Iran's nuclear programme. In an exclusive interview with French language version of al-Ahram magazine, Chomsky said despite the poisonous atmosphere US Vice President Joe Biden tried to create in the Munich Security Conference, Iran's nuclear programme is totally lawful and in accordance with international regulations.

Referring to US President Barack Obama as a blind supporter of the Zionist regime of Israel, Professor Chomsky said Obama's muted response during the 22-day Israeli-imposed war on Gaza was indicative of his pro-Israeli stance.

Chomsky said Obama is pursuing former Bush regime's unilateralist policies in the world, supporting any elections that serve the interests of the White House.
Chomsky gets around these days. He also appears at the Tehran Times site in an actual text of an interview rather than a paraphrase. In this one Chomsky endorses land-for-Hudna:
Well for several years Hamas has been very clear and explicit, repeatedly, that they favor a two state settlement on the international border. They said they would not recognize Israel but they would accept a two state settlement and a prolonged truce, maybe decades, maybe 50 years. Now, that’s not exactly the international consensus but it’s pretty close to it.
If they carefully and explicitly avoid saying that what they are offering is peace, then it isn't, um, peace, is it? We are actually living in a world in which that little insight eludes a prominent linguist.

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