Sunday, February 22, 2009

Iran smooths over Bahrain-incident with Zio-cream

Nateq Nouri had referred to Bahrain as Iran's "14th Province," if you will recall, but not to worry, all that is needed is some vigilance against you-know-who:
Iran's ambassador to Bahrain Hossein Amir Abdollahian said exaggerating the remarks which are attributed to the former Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri are raising questions.

Support for the people of Gaza and confronting Israel's war crimes in the area are the most important issues for Islamic and Arab countries and enemies of Islam and the region trigger these adverse remarks, he said in an interview with Bahrain's Gulf News newspaper.

Reports claimed Nateq Nouri has said Bahrain has belonged to Iran and the previous regime ruling on Iran has given its sovereignty to the current Bahraini government.

Abdollahian also criticized negative media's smear campaign and exaggeration of the issue and said Iran respects sovereignty of all countries including that of Bahrain.

Iran has always sought cooperation and friendship with neighbors, Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and Bahrain, he added.

The ambassador described Tehran-Manama ties as "growing" and said the two sides are carrying out many joint projects including Iran's gas export to Bahrain.

The officials of the two countries have progressed well in talks over the issue, he continued.

He then said "we should secure our stance for continuing supports for Gazans" and warned of division-making traps by enemies of the world of Islam. [...]
Israel should charge Iran a fee for being so useful for alleviating diplomatic difficulties.

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