Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Immortal Feats in Modeling Whole Society on Juche Idea"

We're miserable stunted wretches living in a giant concentration camp and forced to pretend to be happy about the stupid Juche idea:
The army and people of Korea are recollecting with deep emotion the imperishable feats performed by General Secretary Kim Jong Il who has led the Korean revolution along the one road of victory under the banner of transforming the whole society after the Juche idea.

He, who had put forward many original thoughts and theories long ago, was engaged in indefatigable study for formulating anew the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung.

Busy as he was with many state affairs, he energetically studied and analyzed the preceding theories while dealing with important issues of the revolution and construction.

He, basing himself on this, found that the new guiding idea of the times was only the revolutionary idea of the President and proclaimed the programme for modeling the whole society on the Juche idea in February Juche 63 (1974).

In order to put this programme into practice, he, with a tight grasp on idea and theory, has dynamically conducted the work of transforming man, nature and society as required by Juche.
So what happened to "nature"? Better not to know.
As a result, a great turning-point was marked in remoulding and changing all the fields of the revolution and construction in accordance with the requirements of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea.

The Wangjaesan Revolutionary Site and the Samjiyon Grand Monument, centers for the education in the revolutionary traditions, were built and the schoolchildren's marches began along the courses of the 1,000-ri journey for learning and the 1,000-ri journey for national liberation.

The work for training people of Juche-type and remoulding man has been vigorously promoted by the mighty slogans full of Juche spirit advanced by him such as "Let us meet the requirements of Juche in ideology, technology and culture!", "Let us produce, study and live like the anti-Japanese guerrillas!" and "Let us live our own way!" and mass movements including the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement.

The slogan of faith "Let us fight devotedly for the great leader!" has implanted in the minds of the servicepersons the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and brought them up to be a-match-for-a-hundred revolutionary army, thus decisively smashing the reckless war provocation moves of the enemy in each step and defending the motherland and people with credit.

Amid the seething revolutionary enthusiasm, a large-size long-distance belt conveyer transportation line stretched out to the rough west sea, making a proud history of great creation and construction.
Is that a metaphor?
The five revolutionary operas and "A Mountain Shrine"-type revolutionary drama were created and revolutionary films and revolutionary novels were produced with the result that a fresh heyday was brought about in literature and art as a whole. All this is a precious fruition of the might of ideology under the banner of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea.

All the army and people of Korea victoriously concluded the "Arduous March" and the forced march which were difficult beyond the imagination and ushered in the dawn of building a great, prosperous and powerful socialist country.
The idea of the bit about the "dawn" of a "great, prosperous" etc. country is that the sun hasn't come up yet.
The grand monumental edifices constructed in different parts of the country in the Songun era -- large-sized fields which was rezoned as befits the land of a socialist state, modern industrial establishments, poultry farms, the UHP electric arc furnace which is acme of the steel industry, the Wonsan Youth Power Station and other power stations -- are the precious wealth made by indomitable spirit.

The army and people of Korea are forging ahead dynamically for the thriving of the socialist country and the accomplishment of the Juche revolutionary cause with the undying feats performed by Kim Jong Il under the banner of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea as lasting treasure.
And they'd probably trade it all for a potato.

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