Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Roseanne on Israel's election

"hatred of hamas" is the post title as well as the beginning of the first sentence. Roseanne must have written this in about 45 seconds. By Roseanne standards, it comes unusually close to offering a coherent argument, essentially the old argument about playing into the hands of the "enemies of peace" that we used to hear in the Oslo days. If only there was a real leftist in charge. Hamas would just melt away:
hatred of hamas

has successfully fractured the israeli vote. This is Hamas' dream come true!
They(hamas) are able to pocket public money and buy weapons instead of build schools a while longer. They are able to enrich themselves at the Palestinian people's expense and stay in the business of worldwide munitions sales, just like Israel and the US. This is the biggest scam ever.
There is no real Israeli peace candidate, and no real plan to withdraw from Gaza, so Hamas will continue to fire rockets and attack israeli civilians, and help its anti-Zionist friends to attack jews worldwide.
I wish israeli's realized that by not choosing peace, they are further inviting more war against themselves.
Replacing old unworkable political paradigms with a whole new concept of cooperative problem solving is the way to go in the middle east.
Israel needs palestinian workers, its economy depends on them.
This is followed by another post in which the title begins a sentence. The whole post reads "hashem: please allow livni to win." Advice to Roseanne: In a supplicatory mode, it is a good idea to capitalize the word "Hashem."

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