Saturday, February 07, 2009

Nautical propaganda

There is something about aid ships, or supposed aid ships, that makes effective propaganda. The following story got a lot of coverage--here's Syria's take on it. Syria's News agency declares "Syria Condemns the Israeli Navy Piracy Against Lebanese Fraternity Ship":
A Syrian Foreign Ministry Official Source on Thursday strongly condemned the Israeli navy piracy against Lebanese Fraternity Ship which has been loaded with humanitarian relieve aid for the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza.

The source added in a statement to SANA: "Syria holds Israel fully responsible for the safety of the ship , its crew , and all passengers , and demands the international community and all bodies concerned with humanitarian affairs, to condemn this piracy , to act immediately for the release of all the detainees , and to commit Israel to allowing the Palestinian people access to the humanitarian aid on board the ship.
Too bad the ship wasn't Iranian. The Iranian Students News Agency reports: "Israel did not dare to attack Iran's aid vessel for Gaza: official":
Despite Israel's several threats for attacks over the Iranian ship carrying humanitarian aids for Gaza, it did not dare to attack the vessel, said the supervisor of the Iranian Red Cross delegation to Gaza, Ahmad Nawab.

The ship's arrival in Gaza waters which faced Israel's oppositions left desired effects and "we could break the spell of sending aids to Gaza through pressures on Egypt and Saudi Arabia," Nawab said in an interview with Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA).

The move has made Gazans heartened; he noted adding Hamas officials have said the issue was a source of hope and that Iran's flag flying among Israeli warships was a practical action for help to Gazans which showed Iran is ready for any sort of help to these people.

The ship carrying 2000 tones of medicines and food left for Gaza from the Iranian southern port of Bandar Abbas on December 29th. It spent 33 days in international waters and stopped near Gaza for 20 days, he added.

He then said the shipment has been later sent to Lebanon for preserving the foodstuff and delivering them to Gazans through Lebanon's Red Cross Association and that of Iran in the country.

The ship was fully controlled by Israel's helicopters and airplanes, he said adding it was several times threatened by the Israel, but it will never dare to attack Iran and whatever belongs to it. [...]
Hamas "belongs to it."

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